Science, Bitch!


 I miss breaking bad.

I wish it was still on TV. Why did it have to end? Ultimately breaking bad was  by far the best thing I’ve seen on television. It was well thought out, well planned, and unlike most series didn’t have a dull moment. All five seasons kept me on edge. I even watched the final episode twice in a row, just because I physically couldn’t take in that it had actually ended.

One of the plus sides to the series, was the beautiful Jesse Pinkman (the times when he was not a self-indulgent meth head.) I loved how  Aaron Paul portrayed his character and his catchphrase ‘bitch.’ Bryan Cranston who played Walter White or better known in the drug business as Heisenberg, was phenomenal, I mean I cant imagine anyone on earth that would have played that part better than he did. This obviously didn’t go unnoticed as he won three Emmy’s for his performance.

The thing I loved most about breaking bad, is how dark the series got, especially it’s effect on Walter White. In season one at the beginning Mr. White was a typical family man.. Whereas by the end of season five, you see him as the villain. Personally I saw him as a lovable villain. In the final two episodes both sides of Walter come out, you see his compassionate side and his villainous side, so you remember the man he was, and the man he became.

I enjoyed the grittiness of the series, there was no holding back. It showed us about junkie lifestyle’s, life on the street, and of course, as predicted lots of people getting killed. This had an affect  on me as the visuals and backing storyline really brought out my emotions, along with the main story. It was ingenious, it was so smart. I loved the way it was right under the DEA’s nose the whole time. Some of the crazy things Walter and Jesse planned left me on the suspense the whole episode.

My favourite part, was the final episode when Walter saves Jesse, letting him get away, by killing the rest of the gang, with his homemade machine gun. My interpretation of the final scenes was that.. Mr White knew he was going to die (it had to happen, I probably would have been disappointed if he hadn’t) so after taking out all his rivals he crawled to the lab one last time, knowing that the police were on there way. I believe that the reason he did this was because he knew that the police found out his signature blue meth was still being sold. And Walter being Walter, wanted to take credit for all this hard work and his business, soon as he had been shunned out of his part in ‘grey matter.’ he wanted to be recognised for this empire he had built up. Him being found in the lab by the police, makes it look like he alone was the brains of the operation, and he was still creating the meth whist on the run, the great Heisenberg finally caught..and it was HIS EMPIRE. Which to be fair it was and why should the shitty gang get to take credit for something they could never do.

My favourite episode was in season five (the best season) episode five “Dead Fright.” the famous train heist. This episode had me tipped of the edge of my seat. it was so precise and well thought out with a genius plan. Honestly I thought I was going to die of anxiety.

Finally. I miss you breaking bad.. Please come back to me.

Love and Kisses


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