So I’ve been sick and off work this week, I have not left my bed apart from going to the doctors. It is now Friday night and I’ve come to chill with some friends for a couple of hours, sick of being cooped up in my room. I really miss my bed. It’s just like we’ve been inseparable all week and now we are apart I really miss it. I miss all the time we spent together and those wonferful moments snuggled up watching Netflix for hours. I’m glad we got to spent the time together. 

Love and Kisses.


  1. Talk about yourself to much, nothing is worse than someone going on about their life in story form, keep information short, mix it up a bit, learn something about them in-between, don’t sit there and read them a novel on your life.
  2. Tell embarrassing stories, a slight embarrassing one is fine, but a super embarrassing story that could totally put them off you needs to be kept to yourself, save that one for later, it’s not first date appropriate, you could blow the whole deal.
  3. Be cringe, no one really appreciates a cringe chat up line, it can put people off, compliment away, but try to be cheesy, or crude on that note. There is nothing worse than a compliment like ‘I like your tits’
  4. Get to competitive, if your first date involves some kind of sport, there is nothing worse than meeting someone for the first time and them acting like it’s a fight to the death situation, it’s supposed to be fun, not a competition.
  5. Dress inappropriately, ladies no little tops and a mini skirt, and men please avoid tracksuits. You want to make a good impression, you don’t want them to thing you’re easy (unless you’re meeting solely for a quick shag) or that you couldn’t be bothered to get dressed for the day.
  6. Be afraid to ask questions, try and keep them general, don’t be invasive on their lives, it’s a first date so you don’t need their whole relationship history on a plate, but it’s nice to get to know them better so don’t treat it like a police interview.
  7. Run off to the toilet to have sex, this may seem odd, but I would say it happens a lot more than you may think. Maybe it was just me but still, don’t do it, it’s so awkward and that will likely be the last date and the first of many fumbles, which is great if that’s what you were looking for.
  8. Talk about an ex. Do I need to say anymore? No, no, NO.
  9. This one is for the men; eye contact, if a girl decides to show a bit of cleavage, the worst thing you can do is keep staring at it all night, barley making any visual on her face, it’s kind of embarrassing and super rude, a cheeky look here and there wouldn’t go a miss, but you don’t need to watch them like they are going to run of to Spain without your permission.
  10. Ladies; I know men are supposed to pay, but at least offer, just because you have a pair of tits doesn’t mean it’s you prerogative to get a free meal. 99% of time, they will pay anyway, but thirsty bitches be taking the piss. You don’t need a man to support you financially.

Other things to remember:

  1. Make sure your skirt is not tucked into your knickers after going to the bathroom
  2. Check for food in teeth
  3. Don’t sit on your phone the whole time, put it away and stop being unsociable
  4. Don’t be rude to the waiter, no one likes arrogance on a first date
  5. Try not to drink to much (I don’t mean one drink, I mean get drunk, but not to the point of being carried out of there)
  6. Have an arrangement with your friend for them to call you with some sort of emergency if the date is going down the shitter

Stalk all social media before you go, so you can think of conversation topics, also check if they are in a cult or a crazy serial killer, better to be safe than sorry.

Love and Kisses


Just like a million other people in the world, I’m waiting for my big win. You know the kind, when you win the lottery or find a suitcase with a million quid in it. I am not solely relying on a big win, because in my life, everything I have I want to earn, I want to be a successful lady with the world at her feet. I’m not that point yet, and have found my finances slowly declining, every time I look at it its missing another big chunk, from either a night out, a vet bill or even lunch for two. I owe out more money than I can afford, and saving right now is almost impossible. I’ve been dreaming of a win so I can pay back the money I owe put the rest into saving so I don’t ever get stuck in this no money situation again, because it really sucks. I am currently in my overdraft on top of that over a grands worth of debt looming over my head. It sometimes feels like a bad day I can’t escape. I need a big win to help me out of this hole I seem to be trapped in. The chances are slim, and I’m low on luck at the minute, but it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped thinking about the possibilities of what I could do and who I could help if I had some money at the moment, it’s hard not to think about the things you can buy, the lives you can lead, the people you can help. Sometimes I even dream about it, maybe one day my luck will change, and will finally get what I need, I know money doesn’t make the world go round, but it would certainly help.

Your probably thinking, who is this white girl trying to act like she’s got it hard, because I know that there will always be people worse off than me and I need to appreciate what I have as much as I can,  mainly to my parents who’s bank account I have rinsed for the last three months, buy a few bits, and because I live a cushty life, and if everyone was to throw their financial woes into a pile and take another out, I know that I’d want mine back

Love and Kisses


  1. Kids playing games on tablets at high volume on the aeroplane, it’s like were not in 1901, there is such thing as earphone, or better yet, mute
  2. Hotel room neighbours who knock on the door and ask you to keep it down, calm down its 12:30 grandad, live a little
  3. Relentless Instagramming of every meal or drink consumed we know you are on the beach drinking cocktails, I don t need to see pictures of the same drink 10 times, I’m not enjoying the cocktail in real life why would I enjoy a picture of it?
  4. The work-a-holics that bring their laptops to the pool, and do not wish to be disturbed, have a day off will you, your depressing me
  5. Using Bluetooth/wireless speakers in public. I’m on the beach trying to relax not listen to your shit Now 58 album
  6. The hotel that advertises free Wi-Fi when really you have to pay to use it when you get there, I think that’s called false advertising mate
  7. Unwanted Facebook friend requests from someone you met for 2 minutes at the hotel bar, I didn’t care what you had to say in real life, let alone Facebook.
  8. Kids running around the adult pool screaming and more than likely splashing and getting you wet, if I wanted to be surrounded by children, I would have a) gone to the kid’s pool b) gone to a 6 years old birthday party
  9. Using an iPad/tablet to take photos at monuments and tourist attractions taking forever to get the best shot, blocking the view of those behind, because its fine, we didn’t want to see it anyway.
  10. Instagrammers who upload every single picture they have taken on holiday, and you have to scroll down for about an hour to see a picture that is not of them posing on a beach in 10 different angles everywhere.


Sometimes I feel like my whole life is a lie, I have this front that I’m this happy-go-lucky kind of girl that doesn’t give a fuck, when inside I am dying. Every day is a constant battle for happiness. I think I convince myself that I happy way more than I actually am. It’s like my mind doesn’t want me to be happy, it dwells on the past, or anxious about the future, I find it so hard to live in the now. I have recently been trying a spiritual enlightenment book to free my mind of obsessive thinking, but it doesn’t seem to want to break the barrier, and it’s my own fault it can’t be broken. I feel like I’m trapped in my own mind and there is no escape. I drown in my own thoughts, it suffocates me on a daily basis. Do you know how hard it is to live your life when you feel like you’re being suffocated? I know my friends and family try to help, but the problem is all in my head, it’s something I need to do, alone. But I’m just sick of fighting it on my own, it’s a never ending battle, and I’m exhausted. I’m sick of being drained from my own thoughts, I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself, I’m sick of thinking everyone is out to get me, and I’m sick of feeling like I can’t accomplish anything. Maybe I’m not strong enough to fight, I just worry for my future, what if I can’t do it anymore?  The day I give up, is the day my mind completely takes over and I just can’t allow that. I’ve been there, it’s a dark place I never want to go back too. Perhaps that’s where I belong. I thought arguing with a friend was hard, nowhere near as hard as fighting with your own mind. Maybe I was destined to be unhappy.

Love and Kisses

21 Questions You Should Definitely Never Ask A Londonder…

Angry Sparkle Dust:

Love this, if you live in London this is so accurate!!!

Originally posted on seagirll:

1. Can you meet me outside Oxford Circus station? I don’t know London that well.

21 Questions You Should Definitely Never Ask A Londonder
Matthew Lloyd / Getty / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

How about I just meet you in hell?

2. Are you sure it’s healthy to be going to the pub five nights a week?

21 Questions You Should Definitely Never Ask A Londonder
Thinkstock / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

I’m sure it isn’t, but do I look like I care?

3. Would you like to come to my party in Epping on Saturday night?

Would you like to come to my party in Epping on Saturday night?

TfL / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

I mean, I could come, but you know what I could also do? Not.

4. You look miserable, why aren’t you smiling?

21 Questions You Should Definitely Never Ask A Londonder
Thinkstock / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

Probably because you’re talking to me.

5. I fancy a fun day out, shall we go to M&M’s World?

21 Questions You Should Definitely Never Ask A Londonder
london-attractions.infos-world-london.htm / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

I’ve got another suggestion, how about instead, I just murder…

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Can anybody tell me why a trip to the cinema is so expensive? I’m not even joking, people need to start taking out loans just to see a film.  I don’t know who gave them permission to keep upping and upping the prices, but whoever set the price rules deserves to be punished, by sending them to the cinema every day for the rest of their miserable life, paying full price for a ticket and some form off food and drink, I reckon they would go broke within around 3 months.. At £9.75 per adult ticket, it’s a bit extortionate and that’s not even for the big comfy seats at the back, it’s for the peasant seats at the front. I guess that’s why you hardly see anyone sitting in premier seats who actually have a valid ticket to sit there as they probably cost near the £15 mark. But the ticket isn’t the only cost you will have to fork out, if you don’t sneak your own food and drink in, you will have to pay the sky high cinemas snack prices. It’s annoying when you go somewhere when it’s so overpriced, and you can think of 10 there places that sell the same thing at a lower cost, for example a bottle of water than you would be charged less than £1 for in a shop, is being sold at an Odeon for £2.50, medium fizzy drinks are over the £3 rate, where as you can get the same in McDonald’s for 99p. The cherry on the cake for me is that Odeon doesn’t even do coke, so end up spending £3+ on a shitty cup of Pepsi, I don’t even like Pepsi. Now they do have deals, like a medium drink and hotdog for just under £10, I when I say ‘just under’ I really do mean it. We are all being massively ripped off, the average price for 4 adults to go to cinema, for tickets, and a drink is nearing the £50, so god bless whoever invites there 8 mates and offers to pay. Or what happens if your part of a big family, how can you accept paying £100 to go and see a film. It’s a bit of a piss take really, you pay all this money for the ‘ultimate cinema experience’ and what do you actually get? A shitload of queues, uncomfortable seats, adults who are unable to tell their children to shut up, and a massive dent in your bank card.  The only real reasons I chose to make a trip to the cinema (on a rare occasion) is because, the films are new and you don’t have to wait 3 months for the DVD (although this can be argued as most of the films can be found online anyway) and the big screen. If I had a massive TV, I wouldn’t even bother, I would watch the films from the comfort of my own bed, with my cheap snacks, and multi-pack of coke.

Love and Kisses