So it has been about 4 months since I was on holiday, the weather in the UK is great at the moment, but I can’t help wishing I was somewhere else at the moment. I want to be on a beach, soaking at the sun drinking cocktails, not trecking around London job hunting. Usually by this point in they year I would have a whole new summer wardrobe with at least 5 bikinis at the ready. Not this year, this year I can’t even afford a holiday let alone clothes for it. I’m hoping shit starts to look up because I need to be living it up in the Bahamas as soon as possible.

I mean what is life if you can’t even get away from it for a week or two. Holidays are like gifts of stress free time off to do whatever you like in the heat, and I need one now.

The weather is quite nice over here at the moment, and one of the perks of being funemployed is that I am laying out in the sun, when most of the world is working. Getting my tan on bitches.

Love and Kisses


Well today is a good day. It’s time for season five of Game of Thrones, I’ve waited a whole year for this. I am so excited to find out what happens. What made today an even better day is the fact the first four episodes have been leaked online, which means four at once, it was like a blessing from God. I feel bad because I believe this is actually an act of criminal activity. But it’s just a temptation too hard to resist! I don’t know whether I am happy that they leaked four episodes or sad that I now have to wait a month to watch the next episodes. I hope to see lots of blood, guts, and violent deaths.

Love and Kisses


A 13-year-old boy has been detained for at least 11 years after murdering a man in a row about a party in north London. The boy, who cannot be named, admitted stabbing 53-year-old Christopher Barry in the chest in The Broadway, Edmonton on 14 December last year. The Old Bailey heard Mr Barry argued with a group of youths trying to get into a party in his block of flats. He was followed inside and attacked. The court heard the boy had been in a gang since the age of 10.The boy and his friends had left a 13th birthday party and had returned later but went to the wrong block of flats, the court heard. When they were trying to access the flats they came across Mr Barry, known as Jack, who refused them entry causing some “pushing and shoving” between them. Mr Barry had been returning home when he was stabbed by the 13-year-old boy. The boy followed Mr Barry into the lift and pulled a kitchen knife from his rucksack and said: “What you saying now? What you saying now?” before stabbing him twice. The Old Bailey was told Mr Barry had not realised he had been injured and returned to his flat where he later collapsed. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.


I’m sorry but is anyone else disgusted by this story line, this little shit bag only got 11 years, and he could get less on good behaviour, so latest he would be out is aged 24. I mean, he will still be able to live the rest of his life, 24 is still young, he will still have plenty of time to enjoy life, after he has just taken the life of another. Why was a 13 year old boy even carrying a kitchen anyway? Is this what kids take to party’s now, I used to bring lip gloss and body glitter. Can someone tell me why a 13 year old would need a knife at another 13 year old’s birthday? Society is so fucked up I swear. The kids didn’t even have the right flats, so they were arguing with this poor man even though they were wrong anyway. It makes me feel sick that we have scum of the earth like this are living on our streets. Their parents are failures and should be stopped from being allowed to reproduce. I know it is harsh, but his 13 he should be at home playing Xbox not being in a gang. He was let of with what I believe to be a light sentence just because he’s a kind. But if you can commit the crime you can do the time, the little asshole had a knife in his bag, which means it was premeditated he was carrying it to kill, and this unfortunate geezer who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time was stabbed to death, by what seems to be the spawn of Satan. I think that any person that murders another human being should get 25 to life no matter what age they are. It’s justice, why should they get to live their life if they have taken another.

Love and Kisses



House of cards season three, in my eyes, was a massive let down. I was so excited to see it advertised and for it to be back on Netflix, only to watch it and be sorely disappointed. Compared to seasons one and two, the story line was way too shabby, there was not enough scheming or take downs. It was a whole lot less dark, and I was starting to wonder whether Frank Underwood had become a pussy. It became more about his married life and that bored me, I liked the politics, the revenge plans. This season was just filled with hours of him arguing with his wife. It is supposed to be about the power struggle of the USA not a power struggle between man and wife. Claire was made to seem so strong and independent in the first two seasons, whereas this season makes her look really weak and like a victim. I loved that she was a strong character, I am a sucker for a strong female lead, so that was a disappointment when I saw the change.

I also felt that they cut down all the monologues where frank explains what’s going on, or says something about the politics to it, or something a bit sinister. I liked that, it help made sense of what they were actually doing in the White House, the main reason I liked it is because it made things a bit personal, and quite frankly, I love hearing Frank Underwood curse someone out. Something that did not really make sense is that in season one and season two Doug had been so committed and loyal to Underwood so why did he keep that journal, it was a little out of character from how he was portrayed at the beginning, and it didn’t really add up to why he would have kept it. Maybe that was just me, but he just didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would have kept it if he’s Boss whom he worships the ground he walks on, told him to get rid of it. Even so Doug’s storyline bored me to death, and I was hoping that he would die, but unfortunately my wish was unsuccessful.  

I just felt like nothing juicy went on, nothing happened that made me want to watch it, I was waiting for a situation to escalate and the season to peak at some point, with the storyline receiving climax, but I just waited and waited and then it was over. I find it hard to resist Kevin Spacey’s southern accent, so I did finish it, but I did struggle to finish it due to boredom and no connection with the main characters, not like I did with the first two seasons, when I could barely put my iPad down. In my personal opinion, they should have just stopped at season two because now if someone was to ask me if I like House of Cards, my answer will be no, based on the poor excuse of third season. 

Love and Kisses


People think that it is acceptable to wear flip flops and get their crusty toes out. Now this would be fine if 1) people de-crust their toes 2) people realised that just because it’s 10 degrees doesn’t mean it’s flip flop weather, put your shoes back on love.

It’s like people don’t even know how to wear weight appropriate clothing, I mean you can’t be 50 stone, and think you can pull off hot pants and a crop top, you look like shamu when she is ready for a hot date.

The sweaty tube journey. You think with all the technology today they would fit some serious air con on train. You don’t want to melt before you get to your destination.

A lack of deodorant is a school boy error sported by most Londoners judging by the smell on public transport. What I don’t get is how do these people smell so bad in the morning? Do people not shower? Do people not smell themselves. The last thing I want when I get on transport in the morning is the smell of unwashed vagina and trash cans.

How pervy men get, have you never seen tits or legs before, now close your mouth before I staple it back together.

People who go to Clacton or Southend, and front on Instagram like they are in the Bahamas soaking up the sun on a five star resort.

Girls who are super skinny and toned uploading pictures of their stick thin bodies with captions like ‘gotta get my summer body’ ‘need to lose some weight before summer’ shut up you look like a twig, stop fishing for compliments.

It’s 15 degrees not 25+ walking around London in just a bikini top is unacceptable, we’re not on the strip of Marbella, put your clothes back on.

People browner than me, how are we supposed to compare tans and rub it in your face that I’m browner when I’m not, and really I look like Casper the friendly ghost.

Finally, people who go out in tracksuits and coats when it’s clearly too hot. That’s fine if you want to do that, but when you start dropping sweat on me it becomes a problem.

Love and Kisses